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We all live in a more or less technological world. However, the more digital our society becomes, the more we long for emotional commitment, traditional values and haptic experiences. RambleGamble© combines all of the afore mentioned elements in a new, unique and exciting way.


Why should a piece of furniture always serve one purpose only? At first glance, RambleGamble© is a straight forward coffee table. Yet it stands for amusement, fun and gaming as well. RambleGamble© is all about reanimating the human play instinct while having coffee, chatting away or waiting around.



RambleGamble© can either be used as a coffee table or a side table. It is a decorative accessory. However, RambleGamble© provides fun and entertainment as well. It, therefore, goes far beyond what was originally meant to be a simple piece of furniture.


RambleGamble© is a pleasant and entertaining spare time activity. Imagine two people looking for some time to kill. Watching TV, reading a book or playing computer games are non-communicative activities. RambleGamble© changes that situation forever.


RambleGamble© provides you with variable landscapes, different playing balls as well as two goals positioned at opposite sides of the game board. By moving the landscape through a patented raster mechanism, each player can navigate their playing balls towards the goal of the opponent.


RambleGamble© was primarily designed as living room accessory. But it can be used in other environments as well. Any holding area such as the doctor's office, a train station or the airport will do. As long as two people have some time to spare, RambleGamble© is the perfect pastime experience. Nevertheless, RambleGamble© allows you to practice on your own as well.

Board Game (Size: 40x50 cm)

Table Game (Coffee Table, Size: 80x80 cm)


Here you find a PDF-File for download. It will give you, once again, all the important information in regards to RambleGamble in only one presentation. Thank you for your interest!